Switch Your Account to Flora Bank & Trust

Want to transfer your accounts to Flora Bank & Trust, but not sure how to get started?

Switching financial institutions can seem intimidating.

That's why we've prepared the Flora Bank & Trust Switch Kit—a step-by-step checklist to help make your transition quick and easy.

Steps To Switch Your Accounts To Flora Bank & Trust

  1. Open an account at one of our branch locations.
    • Fill out our New Account Information Form (PDF) and bring it into one of our branches.
    • Note: Be sure to bring in your current Driver's License or other photo ID. This saves time and speeds up the process.
  2. Download the Switching Automatic Payments and Deposits Checklist (PDF).
  3. Change your Direct Deposits to Flora Bank & Trust.
  4. Change your Automatic Payments or Withdrawls to Flora Bank & Trust.
  5. Close your former account at the other institution.
    • Be sure to allow outstanding items to clear before closing your account.
    • When you're ready, use our Authorization To Close Account Form (PDF) to close your account at the other banking institution.
    • Once you close your account at the other institution, be sure to shred or destroy any old checks for security purposes.


Questions About Switching Accounts?

If you have questions about transferring your account from another financial institution to Flora Bank & Trust, please contact us at (618) 662-4441 or stop in at any of our branches.

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